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[蒙城新闻] 魁北克P移民官反贪局严查公立教委PEQ班

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本帖最后由 verdun 于 2015-11-29 11:05 编辑 1 |! y( g5 F* C9 X$ U8 U8 o
1 s* Y( q  }) E
& e3 f9 |: k* F3 d* q( A- l
5 j( ^9 |4 ]! y# u; z

0 ^; @% Y/ Y6 _$ ~6 O昏睡百年,国人渐已醒
& q% w. ]4 i4 e) M" e8 e- P! e~~~~~~~~
' R2 {- @7 c8 {( g) ?睁开眼吧,小心看吧
8 Z0 u8 j: P3 x
5 c4 p9 W  O2 p4 j- y" S. f1 i哪个愿臣虏自认7 _% `5 R4 j4 \; P" w$ i

" M! f8 h* b* ]3 a" x( r* l1 I中华民族到了最缺德的时候, 每一个人都被迫在雾霾当中发出最后的吼声
1 F- e( Y9 O* Y, [
6 ~( Y- e" z8 S. O% o0 k  G5 G9 T开口叫吧,高声叫吧   因为畏缩与忍让  人家骄气日盛( {+ k# r! G3 o. U2 ?6 O8 j& X5 M

6 p1 h: e& ]9 }* v$ `& D抛弃奴性,冲开血路,挥手上吧....
0 R5 V* `1 O+ A2 C
, @; w" i" `& C$ a0 ^, {- L
! n' o! T& b7 h6 P/ x4 H
2 q' E! l0 y5 }( O0 C8 ?历来强盗要侵入
% `, V( b+ ?. s( e: L" U6 ~6 w& L- R1 J最终必送命
1 J6 I/ k+ M9 g* V% x
2 k7 }' C, e# N3 F

/ y; ]8 T5 G3 B# D% @% m7 ]

4 z& r! G4 j2 H4 T; ]联名起诉留学黑精妓! `1 V' Q6 x& _1 K7 i, |, V
5 E6 T8 M+ t" r( f

4 A! W+ x! x' I" _% o同样的法律体系下,为何只有我中华学子屡屡被骗!!!!# E- ~* N6 O1 `% \

! r  h. P, h% ]+ R5 c

) b. D) q- D7 Q2 N3 F学习康大老大哥!!!
. J5 K! O4 c" |" r
/ t3 B5 N# q! i6 d$ U康大留学生游行抗议寄宿家庭华人黑中介PeterLow' G" D5 c* |: [( U1 {

8 Z/ ^9 y3 F( F2 f, k( p4 f" ~# `4 i) y( V6 N# R0 [

- @2 e7 D9 B7 U0 H( I4 u. b. H
+ z! P. C  V& D! S8 g
7 K- \1 B; k& ~( n' @
# B8 ^% b8 b1 k. y# a+ O
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发表于 2016-10-13 09:34:47 | 显示全部楼层
只有情商低的人说实话 。。。。因为这样的情商 只有 被忽悠的份
; @; D( K3 H% {' @- j' N
$ S' ~4 X: U+ P5 b/ }5 j- n我的情商太低,在大厅广众面前,问拉我去教会的牧师,死了去不了天堂,如何投诉,引来 几百大妈的围观 。。。。8 A1 Y  [+ [* p0 x( _1 {) M
  b9 ?7 k$ l  D3 g* J
. m7 P/ g9 r: {3 d
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 楼主| 发表于 2017-1-26 14:43:29 | 显示全部楼层
bozhu721 发表于 2016-2-17 20:46
/ S9 ]% ~! Y; r' ^2 S楼主大人。我马上要去读PEQ。找这个帖子说PEQ只能读大专或者大学来走了是么?这种技术培训都是没法走的?还 ...

. _% u- e- J- e- m: o1 s; G& A5 X2 T本吧某不良中介到现在还在吹,4周到拿csq.真是不要脸就天下无敌.
/ A$ N3 }; _" `( l$ I; @2 }  x
0 O' `( t, j0 \2 ]' V' _8 @好好 读书吧,读个正规的有学位的项目,不要投机取巧,自己有能耐就不用担心移民的问题
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 楼主| 发表于 2017-1-26 14:43:46 | 显示全部楼层
bozhu721 发表于 2016-2-17 20:46. P( I! f1 M; Z2 i
楼主大人。我马上要去读PEQ。找这个帖子说PEQ只能读大专或者大学来走了是么?这种技术培训都是没法走的?还 ...

$ |! j- d- y1 J/ w好好 读书吧,读个正规的有学位的项目,不要投机取巧,自己有能耐就不用担心移民的问题
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发表于 2017-2-13 10:06:03 | 显示全部楼层
http://www.kongzischool.ca/(X(1)S(kzlidy453x3xfsyfleipez45))/cn/DetailedNews.aspx?ID=40' @: P  a6 M9 H( j6 L6 u7 g9 k6 w
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发表于 2017-2-13 10:07:48 | 显示全部楼层
http://www.thesuburban.com/news/ ... 9-c881fbeb2a3e.html- m8 z8 w- {# F2 N# Q) j$ F( r
' m' _+ K) H% Z: R: Z3 K
LBPSB demanded web site delete Chinese students’ complaints
; o2 g) `' `$ W' X' GBy Robert Frank0 M; n( D9 G" I; _
The Suburban$ P2 ^2 Y& l8 Z9 P% u! ?6 ^- E
# |8 l$ [' y% b( W
Dec 21, 2016  0
. z1 \8 v/ E+ l LBPSB demanded web site delete Chinese students’ complaints3 F% W. h8 S+ k( D6 g) g
Robert Frank
+ C8 V+ O5 }+ a! ELBPSB lawyers termed the students’ complaints, which they translated from Chinese, “false” and “defamatory”.4 d0 y' Y% J4 z' ^: t: ]
LBPSB demanded web site delete Chinese students’ complaints
5 I" b- H& A' |* S% bPhoto Robert Frank. @$ V1 f2 v' p* F
Spiritual animator Mary Rutherford (standing), who represents LBPSB professional staff union members disappointed by ulterior motives that LBPSB chair Suanne Stein Day (seated, far left) ascribed to those who had last month voiced concerns about secrecy surrounding Stein Day ethics violations.
. H3 i0 i; m7 ]9 W8 N. U# _2 ~ LBPSB demanded web site delete Chinese students’ complaints- @2 m( K$ l& o% T4 i% ?, g
Photo Robert Frank
0 u' ?/ W' q. w1 sVice-chair Noël Burke's (seated, left) motion at Chris Eustace's (standing) request to reiterate LBPSB's support for its principals passed unanimously at Dec. 19 council meeting, following an amendment by Commissioner Joshua Arless to recognize all school board stakeholders.
1 ]4 C1 _+ H$ M1 Y# H- v  FAfter teenage Chinese students studying at Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) began to post their grievances in Chinese on montrealchina.com, LBPSB attorneys demanded that the web site remove all their comments.3 e2 ]: I$ j. S0 S, J% _
( x% z8 P" r( b
A letter to Qiang Zhang, April 15, 2015, called the Chinese students’ statements “defamatory” and claimed that they were “false, injure gravely the reputation of our clients and cause financial losses to the school board.” In addition to the alleged injury to the school board, the letter also claimed that the students had also defamed LBPSB international liaison officer Cindy Zhang.( k1 A6 @& h' K6 U3 V7 l' Y

7 ?* J- _2 A8 |+ i- z; {3 nThe lawyers alleged that montrealchina.com had violated “general civil liability” and suggested that it had also contravened Section 22 of Quebec’s Act to establish a legal framework for information technology.
4 L  `8 v* \3 K3 m% z9 b+ t/ L+ W7 o1 Q) k, x
According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear of reprisal against the Chinese students, copies of the lawyers’ letter to montrealchina.com were also sent to parents in China.
$ s- p; D$ ~: w" S- _" ]$ Q
2 S( J2 t$ _2 t, S( q* vThe local Chinese web site subsequently shut down completely.5 @  m" h" f# D1 @

/ N1 U9 O7 F3 R8 @" `+ dThe source told The Suburban that some LBPSB international students were housed in windowless basement dormitories; that the youth had complained that some of the food that they were served was past its expiry date; that there was insufficient privacy for young females; and that some students were pressured to remain in LBPSB dormitories after they turned 18, rather than seek accommodation elsewhere. Students also began to receive written demands for payment in December, even though their contract only specified that those payments were not due until Dec. 31.- f! {4 d. |  K& c  _
% K, ^# l1 K  ?7 K4 G
LBPSB chair Suanne Stein Day confirmed during LBPSB’s Dec. 19 council meeting that it had severed its ties with Naveen Kolan. In 2014, the school board signed a 50:50 agreement with his firm Edu-Edge to recruit and market LBPSB courses to prospective foreign students.
$ A- P$ O  q$ Y) t) V3 W+ M& }/ C( V# H& y( }* W: g9 G3 M- J( p$ I
Students also complained last year after they received grades for French on their report cards, even though they had not been offered a French class at any time.
, t1 ~5 s$ e5 ^* y. ~/ O6 m( _4 P6 t1 K4 H$ u- a) ~. z; S. {: g- ^
! J# s% O* `( q8 _% G& N0 z7 |
After the complaints brought the alleged lapse to the Quebec Education Ministry’s attention, LBPSB initiated French courses the subsequent year. That French course is far too advanced for first-time speakers who lack even basic French vocabulary, the source suggested.& v& r+ V) a; g1 x5 x$ F
- B6 V/ t3 q4 a+ I" S+ _, R
Stein Day told reporters prior to Monday’s council meeting that she was unaware that the letter had been sent to students’ parents in China.. a6 t& B7 d( A3 O- Z

8 [0 P9 v  Y6 l$ t% I! d; FHer longtime opponent Chris Eustace showed reporters a similar lawyer’s letter, Oct. 26, just before LBPSB assistant director general Steve Balleine attempted to physically remove the reporters from LBPSB premises.
8 ?3 I' f, k" P7 J
, m# T  E, U- G. SSpiritual animator Mary Rutherford, who represents LBPSB professional staff union members, stated during the LBPSB council meeting that she had been disappointed to learn while reading The Suburban that she was among the people who had voiced concerns at last month’s about Stein Day’s admission of ethics violations to whom Stein Day subsequently ascribed ulterior motives.
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发表于 2017-5-27 10:36:07 | 显示全部楼层
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